The process of finding the attacker originating from Turkey

The process of identifying a cyber attacker originating from Turkey consists of two stages. The first involves following legal procedures and specific steps, while the second involves tracking their trail by mimicking falling into attack traps once again.

The individual or organization that has fallen victim to an attack must approach the prosecutor’s office to identify the perpetrator. This is the initial step for reporting the incident and initiating an official investigation. The prosecution may request information, along with legal permissions, from relevant companies (for example, internet service providers) to examine the technical details of the matter.

With a relevant court order, authorized institutions (such as the Telecommunications Communication Presidency) take necessary steps to identify the attacker’s IP address.

Relevant companies (for example, internet service providers) provide records of the IP address used during the attack. This assists in tracing the attacker. If the attacker has potentially executed the attack using Turkey as a proxy location, prior investigation might be required to confirm this.

In some cases, cyber attackers may become untraceable. Tracking their trail might require setting traps to lure attackers using phishing methods.

When dealing with attackers encrypting data with ransomware and demanding payment, tracing their actions on computers or systems becomes crucial for legal purposes or to prevent further damage. If you don’t have a consultant, there’s a high likelihood of the attack reoccurring.

In summary, these processes typically proceed within the framework of court orders, legal procedures, and privacy policies. There might be a necessity to conduct operations while considering laws protecting personal data.

Identifying attackers can take several years alongside legal processes. The speed of the process during this time frame, involving search and research operations, depends on the expertise of a digital investigator. If you seek support, reaching out to Cyber-Uni would suffice.

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