Wage and Quality Decline in the IT Sector

The IT sector, known for its rapid technological evolution and becoming a cornerstone of the business world, has witnessed a noticeable trend in recent years: a decline in wages. This decrease can be closely associated with factors such as the entry of unqualified and untrained individuals into the sector and the proliferation of various courses leading to an unnecessary increase in personnel.

Influx of Unqualified Individuals in the Sector

The IT sector is recognized for its complexity and pace, requiring a high level of technical skills and knowledge for success. However, in recent years, many individuals have entered the sector without sufficient education and experience, finding employment. The increasing presence of unqualified individuals has allowed projects and tasks to be completed at lower costs, but it has led to a loss of quality in the long run.

Many employers prefer unqualified workforce at lower salaries, contributing to an overall decline in wages within the sector. Individuals with expertise and experience face increased competition and have less bargaining power for salary increments.

Boom in Courses

Another reason for the price decline in the IT sector is the boom in various courses and training programs. These courses promise to acquire basic knowledge in a short period, enabling unqualified individuals to swiftly enter the sector. As a result, the market has been saturated with unnecessary personnel, leading to increased competition and a decrease in wages.

With more applications for the same job, employers tend to keep salaries low, making it challenging for job seekers. As competition among qualified and experienced individuals intensifies, salaries decrease, and employees find themselves under greater work pressure.


The decline in prices in the IT sector continues rapidly due to factors such as unqualified personnel and the increase in unnecessary personnel. This trend weakens the bargaining power of experienced and qualified professionals in demanding competitive salaries. It’s also possible to say that it contributes to vulnerabilities in information and cybersecurity in systemic departments. While lower costs may be advantageous for employers, the long-term lack of quality and expertise poses challenges to the sector. The employment of qualified and trained personnel can play a crucial role in overcoming these issues and have a positive impact on wages in the industry.

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